Here is all kinds of Events that will be on every month.

We had alot of event for battling the championships.

We had little shows because we do not have much people.

January 31(5:00-7:00)Royal Rumble

February 20(5:00-7:00)Elimination Chamber

March 15(5:00-7:00)Hardcoring

April 3(5:00-7:00)Wrestlemania 1

May 1(5:00-7:00)Extreme Rules

May 22(5:00-7:00)Over the Limit

June 19(5:00-7:00)Fatal 4-Way

July 10(5:00-7:00)SummerSlam

July 20(5:00-7:00)No Mercy

August 1(5:00-7:00)Unforgiven

August 17(5:00-7:00)Bad Blood

August 30(5:00-7:00)Vengeance

September 14(5:00-7:00)Armagadeon

September 30(5:00-7:00)Handing the ChampionShip

October 19(5:00-7:00)Night of Champions

October 31(5:00-7:00)Hallowpions Defender

September 15(5:00-7:00)Survivor Series

November 1(5:00-7:00)TLC

December 1(5:00-7:00)Roading the ChampionShip

December 31(5:00-7:00)Slammy Awards





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