About Our WWE2012

Hello VangDeng here,I'm the showhoster and also the Chairman

of all the shows.Here is some information about WWE2012.

We are new so we're not the age of the (Real)wrestlers.

We have many different moves even not like the (Real) wrestlers moves.

Anyways what do you want to know about us write any question or infromation 

for us.We are proud to reply you back (As soon as possible).

We have champions(different name but some are not).

We have different name for people.

We do have some different events than (WWE).

Just come check either if you like it or not comment on our guestbook.

Community project

Our community project is to have fun and to learn moves.

We don't really have like WWE Ring and oter stuffs.

We don't make any (PayPerView),we just upload on

youtube or our website for you to watch.

For more infromation you can ask us on the FAQ section.


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